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Handling Tools
We are strong mainly in hydraulic and manual power tong of equivalent products of Oil Country, Web Wilson, weatherford as well OEM parts. These products come from Canada and USA and most of these products are in ex-stock. Other than these, the below items are also supplied from our master distributors from USA. If you would like to know the price reference of these products please send email to us.
Spare parts Slip Assembly, Hinge Assembly, Latch Assembly, Cotter Pin, Door Lug Pin, Hinge Pin Retainer, Grease Fitting, Link Assembly, Slip Bolt, Lock Washer, Shoulder Screw, Rubber Bushing, Insert Asembly, Setting Assembly, Bottom Assembly, Grease Fitting
Power tong
Spare parts Manual Stopper Device , Suspended Stopper Device , Hoses , Set of replacement Jaws with dies for tubing and casing , Roller Yoke, Yoke, Steel Rope, Thimbles for Rope, Clamps for Rope, Grease Syringe, Quick-release Coupling, high-pressure hoses, Shift Cylinder,
Type Manual Tongs, Hydraulic Power Tongs,
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Other handling tools :