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We are specialized in Blowout Prevented (BOP) in all sizes and types, Mud pumps, Drawworks, and Shale Shaker. Most of these products are in stock and will be delivered to your destination within 4-5 working days. For mud pums, the equivalent products of National, Oilwell, Emsco, and Gardener Denver are available. For BOP, the equivalent products of Hydril, Shaffer, and Cameron are available. BOP come with new/OEM or remanufactured/used/rebuilt.
Mud pump and modules
Type Duplex mud pumps, Triplex mud pump
Spare Parts Liner, piston, modules, hydraulic seat pullers, suction valve, discharge valve, stuffing box, gland, Pulsation Dampener, Square-Block, Strainer, Accessory, Manifold, Mud Gauges
Power 500 HP, 800 HP, 1000 HP, 1300 HP and 1600 HP
Blowout preventer (BOP)
Spare parts Housing, bonnet, actuator assembly, ram block, Upper Ram Subassembly, Lower Ram Subassembly, Blade Packer, Side Packer, well bore, ram cavity, bolted connection, bonnet connectors, piston, cylinder, head sliding sleeve, lock rod, piston body/rod, piston flange/seal, extend port, slack fluid port, o-ring, u- ring seal, jaw operating screw, pipe plug, wear plate, gasket, complete seal kit, packing unit, closing chamber, etc.
Type Single ram BOP, double ram BOP and Annular BOP, quad, manual , hydraulic
W.P 3000, 5000, 10000, 15000 psi
Sizes 7",11", 13-5/8", 16-3/8", 18-3/8", 21-1/4", 29-1/2"
Centrifugal pumps
Spare parts
Radial Flow Pumps
Axial Flow Pumps
Multi-Stage Pumps
Mixed Flow Pumps
Maximum efficiency
2000< NS <3000
500< NS< 1000
Low head, large capacity
500< NS< 1000
Wilden diaphragm pump
¼", ½", 1", 1½", 2", 3", 4"
Flow rates
18.5 L/M, 59 L/M, 132 L/M, 306 L/M, 590 L/M, 918 L/M, 878 L/M< NS <3000
BSP & NPT threaded, ANSI 150 flanged, Tri-clover ferrules
Spare parts
Fast Line, Wire Line, Drum, Brake Rim, Brake Disc, Sandline Drum, Auxiliary Brake, shafts, chain, gearbox, gear Train, Transfer Case, motor frames, guard shield, sprocket
Shale shaker
Spare parts
Hopper, Feeder, Screen Basket, Pool, Beach, Vibrator, Screen Frame, Screen Mesh, Binding Agent
Linear motion Shale Shaker, Balanced Elliptical Motion Shale Shaker
Other drilling equipments: